Blood, Sweat & Tears

I’ve been struggling the past week or so with random thoughts and ideas running through my head for the next blog post – all while battling off a wicked cold that’s pretty much kicked my ass.

But last night, in my standard not-so-glamorous Friday night fashion I tuned into one of my faves, Shark Tank.  After seeing an entrepreneur on the show that simply has done everything right but was still walking away with NO DEAL {imagining the let down} I felt compelled to write this post today.

This one’s for the dreamers…

For any out there who have been contemplating jumping ship from the corporate world to starting their own business, take these tidbits with a grain of salt but at the same time – remember they’re worth their weight in gold.

Starting and maintaining a business can be the most mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially taxing thing one could ever embark on. If you are dreaming, wishing, or hoping for the best – stop now.  I used to be a dreamer.

When going into a business – do it for the love.  When money, time, and patience all run out, you better be damn sure you still have passion for doing what you’re doing. After all, they say the best things happen right when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

Don’t do what you think the world needs – do what you love.  The world needs more people who do what they love

When seeking advice – Listen carefully to those whom have succeeded AND failed. Ignore those who have only had success – they have no clue what it feels like to walk in shoes that hurt. I keep this Michael Jordan inspo on my desktop in case I need a reminder – I often do.


Don’t assume you can buck the trend {This one’s important} – We’ve ALL worked out of our garages. We’ve all bled, sweat, and teared up from time to time. There is no magic pill and no perfect formula – other than WORKING YOUR ASS OFF. Starting and growing a business will ALWAYS take more time, more money, and more perseverance than you think.  Plan accordingly.

Nothing hurts worse than failing. Don’t confuse “not succeeding” with “failing” as just because you haven’t reached success, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just keep going. This is something  I struggle with periodically.

Author’s Note:

As of today, I may have not fully succeeded – but I count my lack of quitting in moments of failure as my measure of personal success. I work a 40 hour week doing something I don’t love so that I can go home and run a business that I do love.

Keep Dreamin’


p.s.  special thanks to all who have read & shared my posts. any comments or feedback are always welcome 🙂


A Dress For Reality

Momming around town ain’t easy.  Now, I’m pretty sure that I just made that word {momming} up but if you happen to fall into the category then you totally get it.  We live in a {fashionista} world where things revolve around looking sexy and stylish ALL THE TIME even if it isn’t practical.  Now, we all know that the Brian Atwood heels and the hot little bohemian skirt have their place – but generally doesn’t translate well at the local park or toddler birthday party.

This past Sunday we had a pretty full day that would take us from San Diego to Manhattan Beach to Orange County and back home again starting at 6am with the chills of Autumn finally setting in.  Now, although we had several outfit options on hand for the kiddos, Nikki and I didn’t really have the luxury of doing wardrobe changes throughout the day.  Pulling it together before a 6am departure on a time-change night was hard enough as-is. Lucky for Nikki, this hot little number from Goddis Knits had showed up in the mail the day before.  The Savannah Knit maxi was nothing short of the perfect GO-TO dress for the day we were about to embark on.

A day that had us leaving home in the 6 o’clock hour and temps in the low 50’s quickly became more challenging as we arrived in Manhattan Beach close to 9am {a few minutes too late} to find we faced a near 2 mile walk to our destination and to our surprise, the temps climbing into the 70’s.  Our son Vince, was to take part in a Kids “Fun Run” at the 6th annual Hero’s Of Hope race for research supporting The Brad Kaminsky Foundation For Brain Cancer research – an organization dear to our family’s heart.  Vince did great – although the hike to our destination proved the most challenging considering our pack consisted of a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and two parents not dressed for the occasion.

After a successful morning at the race, it was time to head to Orange County for a good friends {3-year-old} birthday party.  It’s getting close to noon, exhaustion is setting in already and the temps getting into the 80’s.  It’s now time to go on full child watch duties with cake, candy, and a Peter Pan themed party full of action!  By now, my wardrobe choice of jeans and a 3/4 sleeve tee are staring to get to me and I am dying to get home and into my cozy board shorts.  Nikki however appears to be calm, cool and totally comfy in her Goddis Maxi.  The luxurious vibrant knit Maxi has the feel of a cozy sweater but with the breathable texture and flow that kept her cool when the going got tough.

Hats off to Goddis Knits for making such a comfy, cozy, feel like you can sleep in it, wear it all day, wrestle a toddler {or two} all while making you look like a total babe kinda dress.


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Classic Aviators, Ray Ban // Sandals, Tory Burch


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Classic Aviators, Ray Ban


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Crochet Flats, Toms // Bliss Ring, Geoffrey Scott


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Crochet Flats, Toms // Bliss Ring, Geoffrey Scott