Behind the Style, I’m a Southern Girl with a Smile


Big hair, bling and boots, of course those are all in my roots. I was born and raised just outside of Dallas, TX where my family actually owned horses and cattle. Growing up, I learned how to bathe a cow, shoot hoops, field a ground ball, serve a volleyball, raise a pig and ride a horse. Basically, there was nobody in my family that was interested in fashion but somehow it became a love of mine that I could never shake.

My name is Heather Wilson, I just recently turned 21 and I’m in school right now studying Business Marketing. I have three sisters and I most definitely have always been the girliest of them all. I always loved dressing up and playing with my moms makeup, jewelry and high heels but I think my love for fashion and beauty grew the most when I reached high school. Those four years were trying times for me, it honesty felt like an episode of Mean Girls every single day! lol! I didn’t have great self-confidence and getting picked on all the time didn’t help my cause. When I started to dress up in outfits that I truly loved and didn’t worry what people thought of me, it was amazing what it did for my self-esteem. Feeling good in my clothes made me feel so much better about myself. Ever since then, I developed a passion for fashion as cliché as it sounds and a passion for trying to help other girls feel comfortable in their skin and in their clothes. I love to give people affordable outfit inspiration, especially since I am a college student who sometimes has to live off of PB&J!


My country style


kendall5 DSCN2617spring1

Not so country style

( I have a thing for skirts )

I’m so excited to contribute towards the Geoffrey Scott blog!


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