Boutique Peek: LANGFORD MARKET Dallas, Texas


Langford Market is based out of Houston, TX and is surely growing! Langford has 20 locations already and is bringing one to Dallas, TX! One thing I adore about this boutique is how each store looks a little different with its own personal unique vintage inspired decorations. Everyone that works at Langford Market caters to your personal needs and they know how to style you for any occasion. They offer the ultimate shopping experience and always offer complementary drinks and snacks to keep you occupied!

Here are a few peeks at a few different locations throughout TX:




I had the privilege of modeling a few different looks for Langford Market that portray the versatile clothing they have. One little fit-n-flare little black dress that every woman needs in her closet, one sweet and casual romper paired with cool combat boots and one sexy kimono styled with sassy high-waisted shorts.

Click the links to shop looks similar to these!

langford4 lang lang1 lang2


Behind the Style, I’m a Southern Girl with a Smile


Big hair, bling and boots, of course those are all in my roots. I was born and raised just outside of Dallas, TX where my family actually owned horses and cattle. Growing up, I learned how to bathe a cow, shoot hoops, field a ground ball, serve a volleyball, raise a pig and ride a horse. Basically, there was nobody in my family that was interested in fashion but somehow it became a love of mine that I could never shake.

My name is Heather Wilson, I just recently turned 21 and I’m in school right now studying Business Marketing. I have three sisters and I most definitely have always been the girliest of them all. I always loved dressing up and playing with my moms makeup, jewelry and high heels but I think my love for fashion and beauty grew the most when I reached high school. Those four years were trying times for me, it honesty felt like an episode of Mean Girls every single day! lol! I didn’t have great self-confidence and getting picked on all the time didn’t help my cause. When I started to dress up in outfits that I truly loved and didn’t worry what people thought of me, it was amazing what it did for my self-esteem. Feeling good in my clothes made me feel so much better about myself. Ever since then, I developed a passion for fashion as cliché as it sounds and a passion for trying to help other girls feel comfortable in their skin and in their clothes. I love to give people affordable outfit inspiration, especially since I am a college student who sometimes has to live off of PB&J!


My country style


kendall5 DSCN2617spring1

Not so country style

( I have a thing for skirts )

I’m so excited to contribute towards the Geoffrey Scott blog!