The Den In Carlsbad

Had a blast last week doing a fun photo shoot at Mary Steely’s awesome fashion forward store located in downtown Carlsbad. I highly recommend taking a peek in this fabulous adorable boutique. The atmosphere is so relaxed and you will be greeted with warm helpful customer service. One of the things that is so special about this store is the fact that it is suitable for all ages. My lovely stepdaughter Isabella was visiting us on her summer break from NYC and we did a little shopping.  We’ve got 28 years between us and we can find great options of clothing for both of us! Another close friend of mine Kim and her son Ethan came in and did some shopping as well. It was so enjoyable to be in one location and each of us able to find a special item or accessory to add to our wardrobe! The dress and jumpsuit are from the Tart collection the hat from San Diego Hat Co sunglasses from Electric and my stunning Bliss ring which is Black Onyx  finished in a matte 22k gold vermeil by the talented Geoffrey Scott. Isabella’s bracelet is the Sophisticate in Espresso. Accessorizing completes the outfit and makes a statement.


photo-84photo-82photo-83 Jumpsuit and Dress by Tart, Sunglasses Electric

Hat San Diego Hat Co, Black Onyx Ring Geoffrey Scott

Such a fun day playing with new hip trendy fashion!! Ethan’s baseball thermal is by Dark Seas,  blue jeans by 7 diamonds. Isabella’s black wax skinny by Siwy Denim and her ever so sassy Kurt Cobain tank is by Trunk. His plaid button down shirt is BLC. Our fun dresses are all the from Tart. Hot fun jewelry from Geoffrey Scott.


photo 1

Him : Top by Dark Seas, Bottom by 7 diamonds

Her : Top by Trunk, Bottom by Siwy Denim
photo 2

Him : Top BLC

Her:  Dresses by Tart

photo 1

photo 5


Distressed jeans I am wearing are by Siwy and so very comfortable. My black and cream sweater is by Obey and it is so soft and comfy you could sleep in it. The cute black tank underneath by Michael Lauren. Ethan’s plaid button down shirt by BLC and Isabella’s sweater by Michael Stars. Kim and I rocking some more adorable outfits by Tart!

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Her: Distressed Jeans Siwy, Sweater by Obey

Him: Top BLC, Her : Top Michael Stars

Her: Dress and Jumpsuit by Tart

Can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than with people you love, having a great time and getting a new fun outfit accessory or bauble to enjoy!  Hoodie by Obey and my top by 35 millimetor.


photo 2photo 3photo 4

Hoodie by Obey, Top by 35 Millimetor

Thank you so very much Mary Steely and Summer Striler for the fun afternoon and us leaving with smiles on our faces and great fashion to take home!! If  you have never experienced The Den to shop at make sure you check it out! Another location is in downtown Encinitas and I promise that you will not walk out empty handed and it will be a new hot spot for you to shop.


Andrea 🙂




Boutique Peek: LANGFORD MARKET Dallas, Texas


Langford Market is based out of Houston, TX and is surely growing! Langford has 20 locations already and is bringing one to Dallas, TX! One thing I adore about this boutique is how each store looks a little different with its own personal unique vintage inspired decorations. Everyone that works at Langford Market caters to your personal needs and they know how to style you for any occasion. They offer the ultimate shopping experience and always offer complementary drinks and snacks to keep you occupied!

Here are a few peeks at a few different locations throughout TX:




I had the privilege of modeling a few different looks for Langford Market that portray the versatile clothing they have. One little fit-n-flare little black dress that every woman needs in her closet, one sweet and casual romper paired with cool combat boots and one sexy kimono styled with sassy high-waisted shorts.

Click the links to shop looks similar to these!

langford4 lang lang1 lang2

Boutique Peek : THE DEN

Nestled in the cozy downtown area of Encinitas and Carlsbad is a fab little store called The Den. A fashion forward boutique, The Den caters to both men and women. Owner, Mary Steely is a local resident who opened her Carlsbad store in 2005. The Den finds inspiration from all elements of life to appeal to a variety of tastes. I happen to like all styles of clothing so this is a perfect little gem to pop into. Without fail I always manage to find a MUST have item. We all need another fun something to grab from our closets right ladies and gents?!


Mary carries the basic essentials to custom designed threads influenced by music and art. Married to Josh Steely, lead guitarist of Daughtry, they are both locals and are one of the most adorable couples ever. Now and then when Josh isn’t on tour, he is known to hang out with the kids at the store, grab Mary and whisk her away to lunch. Honestly, if you ever see them together, the love is radiant! The staff that work at both locations are oh so friendly and welcoming, they make you feel at home, as if you were in the comfort of your own “Den”

Some of her designers are Tart, Hudson and Sky for women. She has an array of selections for men as well, 7 Diamonds and Howe to name a few creative lines of clothing. She carries a sexy and playful line of lingerie too. A fun accent for any outfit you might choose.







There is something for everyones style in this store. It has chic and sophisticated styles, along with a bohemian beach girl feel. Maxi dresses that are for a casual day on the beach or a tad dressier for a night out on the town. If you want a rocker kind of street smart feel you can find that as well in this creative little boutique. The Den continues to bring fashion forward merchandise and is always looking for the new designs that will define future clothing needs.



A couple of weeks ago on June 28th, was a celebration for the 5 year anniversary of the Encinitas location. It is on highway 101 and Encinitas Blvd in the loft property. They served up some amazing refreshments, give aways and  raffle prizes along with an exclusive appearance from the Michael Stars curbside boutique. Talk about FUN! Can’t wait to see what Mary comes up with next year for another celebration party. So for all of you who local peeps and vacationing visitors who haven’t stepped into The Den before, it is a MUST for a fantastic shopping experience. Another little gem in our own backyard.

Get on your beach cruisers and stop on by!





It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

I know what you’re thinking….here we go, another post and marketing pitch with hot babes and jewelry. As much as the brand image of Geoffrey Scott is selling a lifestyle, albeit sexy, it is also what’s on the inside that counts.

Several years ago when I began to develop my jewelry line, I never set out to create environmental change. From using expensive, premium packaging, excessive paper marketing materials and the use of fresh, virgin-mined precious metals and gemstones – you name it, we wasted it.

Upon relocating to Encinitas and being surrounded by progressive companies that are both socially and sustainability driven, I felt empowered to create the change within my brand. Having done my fair share of refining precious metals over the years, I knew I always had access to these recycled metals – why had I not made it a point to utilize them to date??

In 2012 when I really started define the Geoffrey Scott brand for the marketplace, my main focus was to partner with a factory that could not only produce my creations using premium hand-craftsmanship, but do so using 100% recycled and refined precious metals as well as Fair Trade gemstones. We are lucky enough to be working with a small production family operation in Jaipur, India that not only meets our needs, but also provides a quality living and working environment for their artisans.



Metal mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining, with up to 20 tons of ore required to produce enough for a single ring. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Geoffrey Scott uses recycled precious metals in all of our fine jewelry and over 90% of our fashion jewelry. We guarantee that quality and longevity of these metals is not compromised through the refining process.


In addition to our use of recycled metals as the main step towards green certification, packaging was of utmost importance.  After seeing and creating years of waste in expensive, synthetic jewelry boxes, continuing in that direction was not for me. We chose a two part packaging solution that was not only functional, but sustainable and on trend. Our natural cotton interior bag that houses your treasures at home or while traveling not only protects your Sterling Silver items from the elements, but their ease of use and storage assure they will not be tossed into the landfill. Our exterior box is made from 100% post-industrial raw materials, has a chemical free manufacturing process, ZERO manufacturing waste or water usage and is 100% recyclable by end user – AND it ain’t bad looking if I don’t say so myself.


So next time you see something on Facebook or Instagram from Geoffrey Scott, remember the beauty is not only skin deep. Help us to create the change our children deserve {and need} to see. Recycle, reuse, reduce.





Behind the Style, I’m a Southern Girl with a Smile


Big hair, bling and boots, of course those are all in my roots. I was born and raised just outside of Dallas, TX where my family actually owned horses and cattle. Growing up, I learned how to bathe a cow, shoot hoops, field a ground ball, serve a volleyball, raise a pig and ride a horse. Basically, there was nobody in my family that was interested in fashion but somehow it became a love of mine that I could never shake.

My name is Heather Wilson, I just recently turned 21 and I’m in school right now studying Business Marketing. I have three sisters and I most definitely have always been the girliest of them all. I always loved dressing up and playing with my moms makeup, jewelry and high heels but I think my love for fashion and beauty grew the most when I reached high school. Those four years were trying times for me, it honesty felt like an episode of Mean Girls every single day! lol! I didn’t have great self-confidence and getting picked on all the time didn’t help my cause. When I started to dress up in outfits that I truly loved and didn’t worry what people thought of me, it was amazing what it did for my self-esteem. Feeling good in my clothes made me feel so much better about myself. Ever since then, I developed a passion for fashion as cliché as it sounds and a passion for trying to help other girls feel comfortable in their skin and in their clothes. I love to give people affordable outfit inspiration, especially since I am a college student who sometimes has to live off of PB&J!


My country style


kendall5 DSCN2617spring1

Not so country style

( I have a thing for skirts )

I’m so excited to contribute towards the Geoffrey Scott blog!

A Dress For Reality

Momming around town ain’t easy.  Now, I’m pretty sure that I just made that word {momming} up but if you happen to fall into the category then you totally get it.  We live in a {fashionista} world where things revolve around looking sexy and stylish ALL THE TIME even if it isn’t practical.  Now, we all know that the Brian Atwood heels and the hot little bohemian skirt have their place – but generally doesn’t translate well at the local park or toddler birthday party.

This past Sunday we had a pretty full day that would take us from San Diego to Manhattan Beach to Orange County and back home again starting at 6am with the chills of Autumn finally setting in.  Now, although we had several outfit options on hand for the kiddos, Nikki and I didn’t really have the luxury of doing wardrobe changes throughout the day.  Pulling it together before a 6am departure on a time-change night was hard enough as-is. Lucky for Nikki, this hot little number from Goddis Knits had showed up in the mail the day before.  The Savannah Knit maxi was nothing short of the perfect GO-TO dress for the day we were about to embark on.

A day that had us leaving home in the 6 o’clock hour and temps in the low 50’s quickly became more challenging as we arrived in Manhattan Beach close to 9am {a few minutes too late} to find we faced a near 2 mile walk to our destination and to our surprise, the temps climbing into the 70’s.  Our son Vince, was to take part in a Kids “Fun Run” at the 6th annual Hero’s Of Hope race for research supporting The Brad Kaminsky Foundation For Brain Cancer research – an organization dear to our family’s heart.  Vince did great – although the hike to our destination proved the most challenging considering our pack consisted of a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and two parents not dressed for the occasion.

After a successful morning at the race, it was time to head to Orange County for a good friends {3-year-old} birthday party.  It’s getting close to noon, exhaustion is setting in already and the temps getting into the 80’s.  It’s now time to go on full child watch duties with cake, candy, and a Peter Pan themed party full of action!  By now, my wardrobe choice of jeans and a 3/4 sleeve tee are staring to get to me and I am dying to get home and into my cozy board shorts.  Nikki however appears to be calm, cool and totally comfy in her Goddis Maxi.  The luxurious vibrant knit Maxi has the feel of a cozy sweater but with the breathable texture and flow that kept her cool when the going got tough.

Hats off to Goddis Knits for making such a comfy, cozy, feel like you can sleep in it, wear it all day, wrestle a toddler {or two} all while making you look like a total babe kinda dress.


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Classic Aviators, Ray Ban // Sandals, Tory Burch


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Classic Aviators, Ray Ban


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Crochet Flats, Toms // Bliss Ring, Geoffrey Scott


Savannah Maxi, Goddis Knits // Crochet Flats, Toms // Bliss Ring, Geoffrey Scott


Dressing For Fall When It Feels Like Summer Out

We’ve all been there, especially those of us who live in sunny California.  We’ve spent the Summer season being bombarded with fall fashion trends and 900+ page books like Vogue and InStyle telling us what MUST HAVES we MUST HAVE lining our closets {for some of us, our floors} before our Labor Day weekend hangover subsides.

So what do we do??  Well, if you’re reading this and happen to have a shopping problem {not a problem, more of a hobby, a little therapy, or at the very least…an issue, but definitely not a problem, right?} then you’ve run down to your local boutique where they greet you by name, their eyes glittering with joy.  Of course they’re happy to nudge you towards the shiny racks with all of the new fall goodies, as they themselves are dying to sell you these gorgeous Fall Fashions that started arriving in their shops in ohh…mid-July.

You feel great!  You’ve had wonderful success picking up all your new goodies and getting them home to play dress up and take a few selfies for your instafriends to swoon over.  You’ve already filled your closet, you’re creeping in on your hubby’s side {or bf ~ or your domestic partner} and the dog is finding cozy new coats on the floor to call his new nap spot.  Isn’t Fall Fashion great?!?

But wait…what the hell??  It’s 90 degrees out and its well into October!  What’s a girl to do????  HOW do we possibly take all of those hot new Fall fashions and make it work in the real world???  Well, we’ve asked 3 of our favorite boutique stores in California to come up with one styling suggestion from their stores with the theme being “Dressing For Fall When It Feels Like Summer Out”

This is what they’ve done….what do you think??


Pink Lagoon | Solana Beach, Ca

Pink Lagoon

Button Down Blouse ~ Free People | Blush Blouse ~ Toupy | Denim  ~ Citizens Of Humanity | Rebel Yell Necklace ~ Geoffrey Scott

available at PINK LAGOON | Solana Beach, Ca | 858.792.0882

Edge Boutique | Danville, CA


Romantic Moonlight Tunic ~ Free People | Janice Jegging in Cerulean ~ Level 99  Tribe Wrap Bracelet ~ Geoffrey Scott

available at  EDGE BOUTIQUE | Danville, Ca | 925.831.9500

M Clothing | Corte Madera, Ca

M Clothing

Anorak in Military ~ Haute Hippie | Charmer Jean in Fools Gold ~ Sanctuary | Rio Wrap Bracelet in Tiger’s Eye ~ Geoffrey Scott

available at M Clothing | Corte Madera, CA | 415.924.8891